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Somewhere in the World it's Always Morning

A Personal Note
Hi. I'm glad you found your way here.  I'm a creative individual who is always willing to expand my awareness personally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically and apply my dreams in reality. With growing and evolution as the goal, I support basic respect for life balanced with survival, experience, mutual sharing, and fulfillment. I began writing my own philosophy as a teenager which intuitively and pragmatically came to me as "Dimensional Naturalism". In a nutshell, this philosophy is directed toward a fusion of experience, awareness, progressive organization, respect and compassion reflected in the "Golden Rule" common to all religions. It also describes the exploration of the many levels and planes of awareness to experience and process life from the deepest, subtlest, and most fulfilling to the most active, practical, holistic and planetary. I work full time as a Staff Assistant in Medical Research Administration at a medical facility, am dedicated to my own small business as you are seeing here, and volunteer as Vice President of the National Council on Geocosmic Research, San Francisco Bay Area and as a Commissioned Healer with the Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds based in San Leandro, California. I also offer my small business contributions for those who may benefit from them.

Astrology has been an interest since the late 1960's as I noticed specific patterns in human personalities, detected rhythmic patterns in occurrences, and guessed several people's astrological signs or prominent chart components based on prominent points. I enjoy consulting people on their own astrological birth analysis that gives them a unique perspective on how they relate on this planet. One single chart can lead to interesting areas of personal, relationship, employment, financial, emotional, and spiritual life directions.  I have also been practicing Reiki Healing since 1990 with my initial training in Ashland, Oregon. Reiki brings greater peace, balance, energy flow, nurturing and fulfillment in our lives. Voice mail production for personal and business telephone communication is something I also enjoy. Whether direct and serious or creative and zany, I cover the infinite gamut of the imagination.

Personal hobbies include the outdoors, camping, backpacking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, geography, travel, gemology, crystals, mysticism, writing, art and philosophy.  Backpacking and mountain climbing bring me close to the magnificence and solitude of nature. Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helen's and Mt. Shasta include my most memorable mountain climbs.  My college friend Dick R. and I climbed Mt. St. Helens one year before it blew up and we experienced one of the earlier rumblings of that incredible volcano.  It took us four attempts to climb Mt. Rainier, but we were patient and finally did it.   I became a Dive Master during August 1999 and enjoy assisting new divers with becoming more comfortable with the beautiful and colorful marine environment, a dramatic water theater in all directions. The Northern California Rainbow Divers is a fun group with some interesting diving options. I have been a volunteer for several different organizations.  I conduct meditation in my workplace practiced Reiki Healing at the Central YMCA of San Francisco until they closed in 2010, have assisted with a Native American Cultural Committee at my workplace, and continue do donate time to the Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds in San Leandro with healing, conducting, and occasional presentations.  Spiritualism supports practice and research in the areas of healing and mediumship linking with those in spirit passed on.  It serves the purpose of confirming spiritual communication and exploring higher planes of consciousness that apply to our lives and pathways.  It also ties in well with my interests in Near Death Experience that brings people into another area of consciousness altogether upon death in the physical body. 



               A Brief Basic Tour

Birth Name:     (JFK)   (Joseph)    Nickname    Chaddrick / Chad

Birthplace:    Illinois, USA         Birth Date / Time: Personal (Info Listed Below)

Where am I located now?    San Francisco, CA, USA

Favorite Month:  May        Favorite Color:  Forest Green    Favorite Day:  Friday

Favorite Flowers:   Fuschia, Lupine, Iris, Bird of Paradise

Historical Favorite Songs:   In Your Eyes--Peter Gabriel;  For your Love--Yardbirds; Road to Nowhere--Trash, Dreams--Fleetwood Mac

Favorite Actors:   Harrison Ford, Charles Bronson, Patrick Swayze and Morgan Freeman

Favorite Actresses:   Merilyn Streep, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Whoopi Goldberg

Favorite Singer or Band:   Gary Wright, Craig Chaquico, Enya

Favorite Types of Music:  New Age (Shaddowfax/Patrick O'Hearn); Rock (Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac, Duran Duran; Emerson Lake and Palmer, Steppenwolf, James Taylor, Led Zepplin, The Bravery, Adel, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Cheryl Crow, and many more)

Favorite Singer or Band Gary Wright, Craig Chaquico, Enya

Favorite Gemstones:   Peridot, Emerald Amethyst Crystal, Tigers Eye, Aquamarine, and all Native American related gemstones

What is the Highest Good? Innocence, the next best thing to "Love"; seeing myself in others while they experience awkward and spontaneous situations that make us laugh and encourage warmth and companionship with others as we relate to life on the human level

                       Anza Street Sunset 2004-SF


Personal Planetary Positions

Sun: 14 Taurus 41;   Moon: 1 Aquarius 31;   Ascendant:   6 Gemini 56

Life Purpose:   Exploration of the "Communication of the Bridge between the Known and the Unknown"

Life Symbol:  Silver Arcs--"Unammuth" from the powerful Dream of October 23, 1969

Life Interest:  Practical Creative Idealistic Expression, Art, and Experience of the Revelation that lies Within

Key Numbers:   3, 5, 7, 9,11,17,23, 57;   Destiny Number 1;   Motivation Number 4;   Inner Self Number 8;  Expression Number 3



Staff Assistant-Research (Grant Program Coordination / Research & Development Committee Transcription / Agenda Publishing / Principle Investigator tracking / New Research Employee/Volunteer Processing through HR / Coordination of aspects of Research Training Program)

Program Assistant-National Radiology Program (Communications / Travel / Writing / Editing / Planning)

Program Support Assistant-Interventional Radiology

EEO Presenter, Mediator, and Native American Cultural Committee Program Manager / Secretary / Treasurer / Writer

Astrologer, Reiki Healer, Voice Production, Writer / Editor

Anesthesia-Preop Program Clinic Coordinator

Forestry Information Assistant, Computer Clerk, Technician

Construction-Asphalt Applicator / Salesman

Lifeguard / Swim Instructor / Swimming Pool Co-Manager Pool

Pets--it warms me up to see them run and "ruff around"...the next best thing to "Best in Show"

Anything Different About Me?   Probably as with you, that would take up too much space--I wouldn't know where to begin. I've never been much of a conformist to the status quo.  I'm my own practical idealist and original kind of guy that likes natural flow of life, peaceful and productive relations, and possess a down-to-earth approach to assist in conducting events in life for progress and evolution of myself and others in the most positive, peaceful, productive, and inspiring capacity as possible.