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Most of what happens on this planet is based on communication.  Without writing, editing, and communication, much of life's activity would receive no support, feeling, or record of information.  In my own view and experience, communication represents the foundation for life.  Even the most basic cells and energy communicate.  I enjoy writing summaries, resumes, descriptive essays, poems, philosophy, letters, dream journals, and auditory reads for festive, celebrational and milestone events.  For example, I enjoyed designing the plaque for my parent's 50th anniversary several years ago.  If it can be imagined, I'll design it and write it.  Whenever desirable, I'll write it with color and creativity.  Writing is the fusion of that knowledge we have accumulated, feelings and thoughts that we have, and that which resides within our awareness and imagination.

Maybe you need help in initially organizing your resume, writing a paper of interest, or typing an important personal or business letter.  In a recent "Writing for Business" course I took recently, I was reminded that even business writing has a "personal" and creative touch.  It makes for better relations, higher magnetism, and the results are also likely more positive.  Or, you may have always wanted to begin writing your own autobiographical journal or dream journal, however, you are uncertain about how to get going.  I can help you with these goals.

Price is contingent upon the type and complexity of the job request planned.  It is available by contract and we'll come up with an agreeable plan.  Feel free to e-mail me (above) if you'd like more information on "Writing and Editing".  What is it you would like to communicate, to who, and how..........?

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