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Explorative Communications Insights

Issue #11 - February 15, 2021

A New Location / A New Life / A New Year

Hello and Happy Post-Valentine’s Day.  I’ve just enjoyed one of the tastiest veggie-cheese omelets that I’ve ever made which is an accomplishment for me.  Love of the season to you and may it last all year in 2021.  I hope that everyone who is on my newsletter list is still around since the USA has been hit very hard.  I know that COVID-19 pandemic has taken many lives. My wishes for good health are with you all. 

Although it may seem like I’ve disappeared, you might say that I’ve been "under the surface" for awhile as life continues to evolve in a new life and location.  Following the passing of my last living parent, my purchase of a home and property, the sale of our 50-year family home ownership NE of Walla Walla, Washington, my retirement from a San Francisco Medical Center after 28 years, and my move to Port Angeles, Washington, I’ve had my hands full.  Making a regional USA move is not an easy feat and I’m still settling in.  I had concerns about making such a move during the ongoing pandemic but I had the feeling it would be as safe during late August 2020 as it would be during the upcoming year.  It’s quite a change seeing the quail, deer, and forests around so close by as I view and venture outside. 

I’m still settling in but enjoying putting new, memorable pictures up, taking care of my property including picking up all the fir tree branches, establishing new professional contacts, and taking some interesting classes through various educational institutions.  At least it’s pushing me to read a little more since life throws so much at us that we seldom have little time to read these days.  I think I’m at least as busy and doing my best to get enough sleep during my retirement.  The settling in on the Olympic Peninsula is a process but I think I’m over the hump now as we embark into 2021. 

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Parapsychology and Astrocartography

I’ve been fortunate to take a few classes to expand my education through the Rhine Education Center and Kepler College in Parapsychology and Astrocartography respectively.  Each course has been an incredible expansion of my understanding in these areas.  I’m currently doing a lot of experimenting with my own and others natal and relocation charts as applied to various parts of the world.  We’ve been reviewing different types of software and analyzing in depth the energies relating to personality, profession / success, home and family, love and romantic life, and spiritual development. 

Although I’m not currently qualified to do home spirit visitation investigations in Parapsychology, if you or someone you know of would be interested in exploring potential areas to live in or take a nice, long vacation and you'd like to know more about the energies, I'm open to scheduling an astrological consultation sometime.  Astrocartography is very complex, interesting, and offers a lot of colorful opportunities. 


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Mercury Retrograde Wrapping up

We’re probably all quite used to Mercury retrogrades but the current one we are in will wrap up on February 20th.  I like Mercury retrogrades because I can take my time to read, research, and review material before making major decisions.  But then being a “builder”, I don’t mind taking my time researching and planning before deciding and implementing things.  You may have noticed a few more blockages and delays than usual with what could be described as functional, mechanical, electrical, administrative, and physical.  For me, it can be annoying and frustrating but generally not major.  A piece of mail fell out from inside my jacket over the weekend and with all of the snow we’ve had on the Olympic Peninsula, it’s probably buried out there somewhere but who knows.  Communications and functional processes should flow a little smoother after next weekend. 

Mercury is currently conjunct Jupiter (as of this writing) which may expand Mercury’s influence.  On top of that, I see that Mercury is on my natal Midheaven which may publicly highlight even more communication matters.  Goodness, that may mean that any Mercury retrograde mistakes may appear a little more “noticeably” than usual. I'm sure we’ll see!



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Here I Am (says Pluto)...........!

Well folks, we’re now within 2 degrees of Pluto’s Return to its origin point if we use the commonly referred to Sibley chart of the USA.  As you know, we’ve already seen symbols of deeply researching the internal structures and nature of the USA, its governmental policies, its potential flaws, and its locations of weakness.  Although this is a part of life, it’s very likely that we’ll see some destruction and rebirth of certain aspects of our nation, its structure, and our economy over the next few years.  Yes, changes do occur regularly over time and laws are passed and removed but we’re likely to see a stronger emphasis on this between now and 2024 as Pluto returns to its USA birth place.  The fact that it’s in its own 2nd house equates to that which we value and feel is important, our economic structure, and things of material value. (Oh, and yes. that's a picture of a Western Rattlesnake along a hiking trail at Lopez Lake east of San Luis Obispo, California.  I managed to avoid stepping on it when I was befriending a nearby deer). 

Along this same topic of challenge and transformation to the basic identity of the USA, I feel the Pluto Return is already in progress.  There have also been many opportunities for people to be misled and disillusioned with Neptune’s transit through Pisces.  I didn't anticipate this type of cultist influence and I think there are many people who don’t realize how close we have come recently to losing our fragile democracy in the USA.  This was a precautionary warning.  I see that there is a lot of frustration and many are calling for change.  This is not new.  However, with the degree of anger being brought about in such a destructive manner on January 6, 2021, the instability and violence displayed could have resulted in the loss of life of many more people including Congressmen who would have taken over as President and staff.

We’ve seen the results of the inciting of an insurrection encouraged by Donald Trump through what I see as the illusion of a “stolen election", some calling it denial.  He came close to getting his wish of destroying the checks and balances structure of our government in order to find his pathway to rebuild it and become an absolute authority so that he wouldn’t need to be voted back in.   Who knows how serious he was about that, but with displays of friendship to dictators of Russia and North Korea and the creation of rifts with various allies in Europe, one can only wonder.  Considering this combined with firing of everyone who hasn’t agreed and supported him, instability was and will still be felt in the USA as the effects have been very deep and damaging.   Was Mr. Trump looking to “Make America Great Again” or was he trying to destroy it so that he could rebuild it his way and be the “Absolute Authority Who Also Denies Any Responsibility”?  We’re not out of the woods yet.  Hopefully American citizens will do their best to be prepared because it appears to be a wild ride to come for the USA during these next few years regardless of who is President and the political parties involved.  What has happened in our country is much deeper and more serious than many people realize.  


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Quakes of Change

Yes, I know that we’re used to hearing the phrase “Winds of Change”.  This is an aspect that could really shake things up and knock a few of us over.  Saturn in Aquarius – Uranus in Taurus is a prominent square occurring this year, the first one on Wednesday morning, February 17th.  This is the way I see Saturn and Uranus in aspect to each other.  Saturn is about foundation, structure, and responsibility.  It is about the older, known, and expected ways of doing things which are established over time.  Time is one of the most powerful key words associated with Saturn and coincidentally, every time Saturn passes my Sun, things seem to be very slowed down or highly speeded up, sometimes even at the same time.  This perception was one of the earliest concepts that I picked up when Saturn was transiting back and forth through Taurus in late 1969 – 1970.  I usually think of Saturn as very tangible, real, and earthy, but………as with Neptune, it can occasionally play tricks on us and even be a bit elusive.  Saturn can make us deal with the reality of the times and this includes both the visible and the invisible, the dark and light, and the real and unreal.  Uranus meanwhile is about change, unexpected sudden occurrences, instability, promptings to react quickly, and discontent with the way things are that may lead to rebellion and uprisings.  It’s potentially about beginning anew, restructuring, and innovating in new ways. 

These are not boring times.  These are times that we’ll remember in history.  With Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus, we’ll be seeing more emphasis on these planetary and sign combinations.  With Saturn in Aquarius, there is certainly an emphasis on technological development, humanitarian causes, and scientific research.  Since Taurus is a fixed earth sign, with Uranus being squared by Saturn, we’ll likely see a stronger emphasis on areas involving food, farming, basic home and life structuring, the housing industry, infrastructures, homelessness issues, the economy, and things that we value on a mass level.  The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to garner extensive attention.  The Saturn – Uranus square on Wednesday, February 17th will be the first of three this year. 

This square is likely to be especially potent and memorable since the Moon is on the same degree in Taurus and it’s also square Jupiter, meaning any impacts are likely to be “expanded”.   There is the potential of getting a whale of a lot accomplished during this square but one hopes it’s for a positive purpose.   Upcoming squares will be June 10th and December 24th.  I’ll personally find the June 10th one especially interesting since it’s conjunct my Taurus Sun.  We love change…….Ha!  (Only if we’re making change, but even then, it’s a bit of a challenge.  Fortunately, it helps to have flexible mutable sign activity which I do have).  If this weren’t enough, Mercury is retrograde June 10th and is combust the Sun that day (within 30 minutes of 1 degree) which makes the energy even more interesting. 


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Good Bye to the Grand Conjunction in Late Capricorn

I know that for me there's some relief knowing that the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are no longer tightly conjunct in the later degrees of Capricorn.  Wow, what a workout!  This has affected all of us in different ways and I'm sure we all have stories to tell.  However, with Saturn conjunct Pluto often associated with viruses such as the AIDS virus, combined with the variations of the COVID-19 pandemic that are surfacing from the U.K, South Africa, and wherever else, our planetary scientists are going to be researching and combatting this for quite some time.  It's not time yet to let our guard down.  

I'm personally continuing to be very careful and as safe as possible because I know the dangers of the invisibility masking this pandemic.   It's still true that some of us are more vulnerable than others and the impacts are often random as there's still much we don't know.  Please continue to be cautious and take care.


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As Winter Winds down into Spring

To obtain individual reports and to arrange for consultations about how these major Saturn - Uranus squares and the current astrological activity will be affecting you through the coming months, feel free to contact me.

If you have an astrological description of interest to share, I'll welcome hearing about it.  Feel free to share this newsletter if you think someone you know may find value in receiving it.

We've all been through a lot this past year, especially with the adjustments we've needed to make due to this isolating pandemic.  Take care, please be safe, and help keep others safe as well.  

Peace and Inspiration,

Joseph Kaminski 
NCGR-PAA Level III Astrologer
Certified Reiki Healer /
Commissioned Spiritualist Healer
Explorative Communications

E-mail: unammuth_jfk@sbcglobal.net
Port Angeles, Washington