Welcome to "Explorative Communications Insights" Newsletter #3.  As promised, we'll conclude the two articles centered around the After Life Awareness Conference held in May 2016.  There are also some personal ideas shared as well as some general and politically oriented astrological information to consider.  Enjoy.......
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Explorative Communications Insights

Issue #3 - August 7, 2016

As another hot, fiery, and flood-ridden summer continues in 2016, there is certainly no shortage of activity, variety, and change in the air.   This newsletter will conclude those areas begun from the "After Life Awareness Conference" held in St. Louis, Missouri during mid-May.  

The conference brought together many areas including the clinical and medical, hospice, science, life experience, symbolism, mediumship, and constructive ways of approaching the end of physical life for ourselves and others while here on this planet. There was a nice spirit of sharing experience, education, and exploration of new vistas. 

The website associated with this conference is: www.AfterLifeConference.com

This issue includes a look at the natal chart along with some of the astrological prospects for Hillary R. Clinton during the coming months. We'll wrap up with a view of some astrological keys for the near future.

Mystical Experiences from Shared Crossings

While summarizing a few of the incredible Near Death Experience topics, in my June 2016 newsletter, I described some of the goals of William Peters, MFT, M.Ed. Director of the “Shared Crossing Program” based in Santa Barbara, California.  William Peters trained under John of God in Brazil and volunteered with the Zen Hospice Program in San Francisco.  He described how participants in the program develop a sense of kindness, gratitude, and connection that is life changing.  Those who took part also noted decreased anxiety about their own future deaths. 

These are mystical experiences that Mr. Peters described to us that I thought were especially memorable: (1) A father was dreaming that his daughter was killed by a hit and run accident.  He was so relieved and comforted when the girl came into his room and climbed into sleep next to him that same night.  A few days later, she was hit tragically by a vehicle that took off.  It had killed her; (2) There was a man who temporarily awoke from a coma while suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  There was such a glow in his eyes.  The man briefly stated “It’s beautiful here”; (3) Mr. Peters conveyed that the USA seems to have a wide range of relatives affected here.  He described how after beginning to make their transition and experience visions, they begin preparing to go to transportation ports; (4) Steve Jobs was described as seeing something more powerful and beautiful than ever before he passed on, but the specifics were missing; (5) There are sometimes post-death synchronicities…….in one woman’s home, an historical clock stopped chiming on her birthday.  In another case, a house was fully cleaned out, but everyone who enters the home still smells the perfume that the woman used to wear; (5) One fruit of a good spiritual practice was described as the ability to know when we are going to die.  Peters described from one article how monks often have a premonition about two years before their passing on. 

Some of those who have gone through the "Shared Crossing" program have made statements including “I will never fear death again”, “I feel like loved ones are alive and well”, and “It’s like continuing on with a new sense of life purpose”.  In summary, it’s as though “people are becoming conduits, developing a terminal lucidity, a light of our essence that feels like a gift”.
A Time of Personal Transformation

For me these days, it is a major time of personal and family transformation.  After having family owned property in Southeastern Washington for the past 50 years (Jun 10, 1966), with my father moving into Assisted Living Care, we are now in a major transition, one that I always knew was coming, but didn't know when.  As I view my own astrological chart and progressions at this time, although it's still a developing picture, I can see some very strong astrological correlation to this.  People may sometimes wonder about the value of astrology and why we would take time to use it.  Well, true, we do wind up living our own lives anyway, however with astrological correlation, we have a little more Milky Way guidance as to why various things happen to us when they do......and sometimes it can help us in the preparations and awareness of the events in practical ways.  
A Window of Meditation and Healing (Contd.)

We are all growing as a society and nation these days by watching what is happening with a limited number of police reacting violently before deescalating and calming down situations. I believe we need to try our best to calm down situations as possible before reacting with violent means. This takes work, maturity, and development. Let's meditate and if it feels appropriate, pray for the future of this nation and this planet Earth.   
Mind, Body, and Spirit in Modern Medicine

I promised to add some additional description from the After Life Awareness Conference presentation given by Jeff Black, M.D., MDiv who discussed “Psychiatry meeting with Shamanism and its Mystical Practices”.  With a history of treating people who struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, feeling that Western medicine does not supply some of the needed tools, he ventured toward energy medicine where indigenous healers were able to fill in some important gaps.  “Love is the Essence of Healing and illness and disease occur when we forget our true spiritual nature.  Some risks were taken by bringing tools from outside of the system to offer complementary medicine.  Guided meditation with props was one method which was beneficial for veterans who experienced PTSD from their military deployment.  Cleaning chakras or energy centers utilizes energy to transform the mind and body on a deeper level. 

Dr. Black told the story of a woman who was seeking medical attention for a rash that continued for many months that could not be diagnosed.  Finally, after trying every medication possible, with the help of something very simple like a mirror and a communication involving saying goodbye to her lost loved one, her rash disappeared.....and it happened in a very short time period.

Remember the “Do No Harm” clause?  Dr. Black emphatically stated that when we are only treating symptoms instead of getting to the root causes, then it is doing harm.  The goal is to intervene and to bring things back into balance.  Managing stress was defined as really treating our response to stress.  The idea of balance integrates the mind, body, spirit, and end of life.  Dr. Black defined death and dying as a matter of transition rather than one of fear.  By understanding the nature of spirit being the essence of health and well-being, the transition of life into death can occur with grace. 
The Desire for Peace and Understanding

With matters of environmental climate change seemingly out of control, internal crime and hate (including racism and bias) becoming more apparent in the USA due to a limited number of gun-crazy people, a war going on with ISIS that is different than a war that has ever been fought, and a USA election that is developing as one of the most historically unusual that we have ever seen in history, life is quite challenging and unsettling.  ISIS is also here, at least in the form of repression and anger if not in formal structure.  In some ways, I do see a trend toward a type of return to barbarism and I hope that through personal action, political action, and the collective combating of violence, we can redirect a high amount of the current climate of instability, violence, and fear toward more positive channels.   
A Window of Meditation and Healing

Part of keeping our sanity and living as people of love, awareness, and peace during these times is continuing to meditate, aim toward being centered, and find and maintain balance as much as possible.  For me, part of that balance is expressing my ideas, beliefs, and right to personal protection in a way that is balanced as possible.  I think it's important to protect ourselves, our property, and even others, yet it's important to at least attempt peaceful ways first.  

Astrological Keys
The Upcoming Presidential Election and Hillary Rodham Clinton

The 2016 United States of America national campaign season is promising to be one of the most controversial, passionate, fiery, and potentially controversial periods of our modern times.  I am not one to make solid predictions on things and with clients as well as myself, I believe in leaving doors at least slightly open to all of the possibilities.  Those who know me well understand that I am primarily interested in holistic and spiritual states of consciousness, however, we live in a nation based on the vision of freedom and opportunity.  We are also blessed with an “international melting pot” of many cultural influences, lifestyles, and some of the most incredible scenic beauty on the planet.  I have traveled through and viewed most of the USA and am looking forward to enjoying even more of it while I am still living here. 

In the last newsletter, I gave a bit of a summary about Donald Trump, his natal birth chart, his natural approach to things, and some general prospects for him.  Since I’ve been asked to share some information about Hillary Rodham Clinton, here we go.  It may seem hard to believe, but despite all of these years that have gone by since Hillary was born, there are two potential birth times that have apparently never been cleared up.  According to Astro Databank, the Rodden rating is listed as “DD” on October 26,1947 at either 8:02 AM or 8:00 PM.  So, we’re really not going to consider the Ascendant, Midheaven, other angles, and house locations.  I can envision Hillary as having either a 29 degree Gemini or 3rd decan Scorpio Ascendant however; I can see either one potentially working as there’s a lot of water and practicality there. 

In any case Hillary has Sun at 2 degrees Scorpio, Venus and Mercury in mid-Scorpio respectfully, and South Node at 23 degrees Scorpio.  Her Mercury is stationary which adds more power and emphasis to her mental activity, communications, and writing.  Hillary’s Jupiter is at 0 degrees Sagittarius which truly adds a kind of jovial, adventurous, and social side to her personality.  This helps to balance out the strong Scorpio influence whether her ASC is Scorpio or Gemini.  Either way, Hillary’s Moon is found in Pisces, a natural place for having a compassion and willingness to be of service to others.  The North Node is found in Taurus so I believe that among her strongest life missions are to solidify things, to make them happen. and to do it with endurance.  Mars and Pluto at 14 degrees Leo are closely conjunct which pushes her to investigate and take action to see the whole picture.  If these were in the 9th house in the Scorpio ASC, this would associate well with legal matters.  Saturn at 21 degrees Leo could be considered part of a 3-way stellium here.  It adds work, lesson learning, and endurance.  With no earth planets, Hillary may have a tendency to lack attention to some detail which can cause oversights or mistakes. With Scorpio secrecy tendencies along with her Leo pride, it would be natural for her to be hesitant to admit to her oversights...however, as we have seen, she is capable of coming forward and doing just that. 

Hillary and the USA Sibly Chart, November Election Day, and Inauguration Day 2017

Comparing Hillary’s chart with the USA British astrologer Sibly chart of July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 p.m. (with Sagittarius Ascendant) in Philadelphia, Hillary’s Neptune falls on the USA Saturn in the 10th house of profession and leadership.  It also squares the USA Sun.  This could tend to be a bit nebulous, however it could also be capable of bringing light to areas that are unclear and need grounding.  Although she may not be known for change as her trademark, Hillary’s Uranus is conjunct the USA chart Mars which may indicate a very active transformative influence in the course of her action.  With Hillary’s Saturn in opposition to the USA Moon and her Jupiter square the USA Moon, there could be hard, but abundant and potentially fortunate work for the great body of American people. 

On election day evening of Tuesday, November 8, 2016, there’s nothing earthshaking showing up in a political sense.  Jupiter is conjunct Hillary’s Neptune.  Saturn is trine Hillary’s Mars and Pluto which could be considered friendly, or at least flowing in the sense of hard fought work and transformative results.  With Uranus quincunx Mercury (a minor aspect at 150 degrees), there’s likely to be something unexpected and transformative in terms of change and communications activity around that time.  Viewing the bi-wheel of the Inauguration chart January 20, 2017 @ 12 Noon as a transit to Hillary’s natal planets, Saturn is opposing Hillary’s Uranus which may indicate either blocka
ge to change or bringing stability to change itself.  Transiting Mars is also square Uranus which brings even more action and passion to whatever is going on.  Jupiter quincunx Hillary’s Moon symbolizes adaptability, and since the Moon symbolizes the body as well as people as a whole, this could take either direction.  Uranus is again quincunx Mercury.  Since I’m going reserve any judgment about which direction this election will ultimately go, we’ll need to wait and see; however, I think we’re in for a long, wild ride this summer and fall.

A Little About Now

We may feel like blaming Mars for some of the darker activities that have occurred this summer.  Mars turned direct on June 29th and will catch up to its original position at 8 degrees Sagittarius on August 23rd.  It's time to take action, especially in Sag. related areas.  Mars entered Sag. August 2nd so there is a change, hopefully more jovial vibration taking place. Mars will pass the USA Ascendant during later August.  This will hopefully be filled with the normal Sag.optimism, however there is transit activity of concern. 

Venus just entered Virgo August 5th.  It will be valuable to have a more practical and pragmatic approach to relationships and social dynamics in the workplace.  

There will be a major change of direction for Saturn as is finally turning direct in Sagittarius on August 13th.  After developing more knowledge through experience, there will be an incentive to renew or create long term goals that we are inspired about. Some major life decisions are very possible, especially for Sagittarians and those who have key placements to about 6-10 degrees of Sag.

Sun enters Virgo August 22nd so it will be a good time to focus more on work, details, and organization beginning around that time.  Interesting how it also correlates with going back to school.  Venus enters Libra August 29th so you may want to give color to some of the work and detail performed.  Art work will be favored as well.  

Then, our next Mercury retrograde begins August 29th.  Remember, that this can be a constructive time for studying, reviewing, preparing, working on future projects, and even planned travel.  It's not the best for signing things like buying a new car, house, or beginning a new company as there could be some snags.  

Finally, there is a solar eclipse Thursday, September 1st at 9 degrees Virgo and lunar eclipse at 24 Pisces on September 16th. These can be significant long-term turning points, especially for those who have planets, conjunctions, squares, oppositions, or angles associated with these points in their birth charts. 
A Final Note of Invitation

September 2016 is Solar Return and Location Month.  All Solar Return and Astrocartography Reports will be 20% off.  If you'd like more information, freely check my website at www.explorativecommunications.com or contact me directly by e-mail.

Please remember that I will consider submissions of brief segments of relative interest and / or links  for future issues of "Explorative Communications Insight" newsletters, There is an infinite amount of material out there of interest!  Feel free to forward this newsletter if you think someone you know may value from it. To obtain individual reports and arrange for consultations, you're welcome to contact me.  Happy Summer 2016!

Peace and Inspiration,

Joseph Kaminski 

San Francisco, California
E-mail: unammuth_jfk@sbcglobal.net
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