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Issue #4 - October 8, 2016

As the autumn season of 2016 gets fully underway, we feel the mild cool breezes, colder nights, a feeling of mysticism, and hidden inner voices conveying messages as the sky darkens earlier.  It feels like a time to explore within.  

In this issue, we have a new section on Near Death Experience from a woman who spent time in Iraq, a summary of the November Election Day and Inauguration Day transits affecting the two USA Presidential candidates, a summary of current astrological transits, and a brief description of an angular view of my current personal experience.  

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Meanwhile, my thoughts and prayers go out to those people affected by Hurricane Matthew in the Southeast and Caribbean. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy...........
A Unique Type of Near Death Experience
The following story is an example of how not all Near Death Experiences are the same.  There is not always a tunnel or a bright light as we move to a different state of consciousness.  If you’re interested in learning more about Natalie’s Sudman’s unusual NDE in Iraq, please check out the link below in which she describes her experience, the “Blink Environment”, the concept of “Good and Evil”, the “Void”, and the “Function of Spirit Guides”:
Through her experiences, she also confirms many spiritual and after-life precepts.   One thing that is interesting to me is the many similarities there are in contrast with the sharp differences in the nature of NDEs as different people experience them. 
A Little About Now
Well, if September 2016 seemed a bit intense, we’ve been through two eclipses on September 1st (Solar Eclipse) and 16th (Lunar Eclipse).  Mercury was also doing its regular retrograde which it does about three-four times per year, and we’ve had some fairly major planetary shifts going on as well.  The shadow phase of the Mercury retrograde will end October 7th since that reflects the same degree where it initially went retrograde in Virgo. 

While Jupiter was in the sign of Virgo over the past year, there has been a lot of emphasis on expansion in areas of detail, organization, and practical design.  In fact, really anything down-to-earth and making things function better could fall inside of this arena.  Jupiter entered Libra September 10th which really changes the vibration of this planet’s direction.  With Jupiter so nearby the late September New Moon, it made for a nice, inspiring addition, no matter what was going on otherwise. 

It’s important to remember that Jupiter expands matters involving relationships, partnerships, artistic work, and matters of harmony, balance, and mediation.  How this relates to you will also be defined by the house that Jupiter is currently found as well as transit activity in your natal chart. 

Uranus continues to keep things stirred up in later Aries so those born with their Sun or another planet between 20 and 29 degrees of Aries will be in for a variety or an occasional onset of interesting, spontaneous, and unexpected events.  The nature of this planet is not necessarily constant change, but may be one major unexpected event instead depending on factors. It likes to be surprising.

Jupiter is opposing Neptune now and into November which may provide some nice inspiration.  Jupiter will also form a square to Pluto in Capricorn in November and that could be influential on a grand scale.  Revelation of riches, new or major discoveries, or new understanding of a long-term mystery could arrive.  The next few months will be most interesting.
A Personal Note from JFK from Me to You
    This happens to be an especially transformative and intense time for the family that I have remaining in the Pacific Northwest.  My father has made a major transition of moving into Assisted Living Care.  He has made arrangements to begin taking action to sell our property of 48 years in Southeastern Washington near the foothills of the beautiful Blue Mountains.  Then my brother just recently experienced a mild stroke so he is in all of our thoughts and prayers.  I’ll be back up to deal with property matters again and spend some time with my father as well. 

     There are so many beautiful memories associated with our home and property that I’d like to share a few photos of it reflecting an older classical type house, pasture land, a barn, and an island between two flowing creeks forming an island in back.  You know how some locations are special and seem to speak to us?  It is peaceful and beautiful with an interesting mystical and vibrant history.  There are also some wonderful "dog spirits" there from our family’s past.  We all have our cycles and major turning points and I figure, if we are supposed to keep it in our family longer, that will happen.  This land and past times will always be alive and precious in our memories.

A Little About Now (Contd.)

We cannot forget Mars or Saturn.  Mars has left fiery Sagittarius and made its debut into Capricorn where it is exalted.  This is an excellent time for firm and disciplined organization.  It is strong in a military sense so for those requiring discipline, seeking a military option or career, hoping to excel in a business they have been pondering take note. If transiting Mars is well-aspected to any other planets in your chart, this is likely an ideal time for this.  However, as Mars conjuncts Pluto in mid-October, there is likely to be more anger and frustration present.  It suggests fire. 
Mars moves into Aquarius November 10th so that will be a renewed emphasis on technical and humanitarian action.  Saturn will be in Capricorn until December 2017 so those with birthdays from early December on will be working pretty hard, learning some lessons, and possibly receiving some well-deserved rewards if warranted.  It appears to be an original kind of winter season, one that we'll find quite different than the average winter season.  


Astrological Keys

2016 Fall Election Firestorm

The 2016 United States of America national campaign season is promising to be one of the most controversial, passionate, fiery, and potentially divisive periods of our modern times.  We can become very close to making solid predictions yet there is always free will; doors should be left at least slightly open to all of the possibilities.  We live in a nation based on the vision of freedom and opportunity.  We are also blessed with an “international melting pot” of many cultural influences, lifestyles, and some of the most incredible scenic beauty on the planet.  Given serious issues including personal safety, ISIS, climate change, terrorism, increasing national debt, Main Street versus Wall Street, and homelessness, electing a new USA president is no small undertaking at this time.

A record number of Americans watched the late September Presidential candidate debate displaying the interest and concern over the direction of the coming U.S. General Election and the future of our nation’s leadership.  We are seeing a degree of polarization and extremes that is historical and monumental.

An Historical Rise of Donald Trump

Donald Trump, listed by several sources including Solar Fire as June 14, 1946, 9:51 AM in Queens, NY, has a very prominent Sun conjunct Uranus in Gemini, an aspect that offers a restless air of fire, change, and potential instability.  With so many planets in Gemini, Mr. Trump is a habitual mind-changer and he will likely "always be right" because it will be natural for his style.  It’s never black and white and we are still learning about all that comprises the full picture.

Trump and the USA Sibley Chart, November Election Day, and Inauguration Day 2017

There are several key aspects that correspond notably.  Comparing Trump’s chart with the British astrologer Sibley’s USA chart of July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 p.m. (with 12 degrees Sagittarius Ascendant) in Philadelphia, Trump’s Sun, Uranus, and North Node are conjunct the USA Mars.  This can fuel “energy, action, and change” which seems to fit his slogan “Make American Great Again”.  On Election Day evening, Transiting Jupiter is conjunct Trump's Chiron and approaching Trump’s natal retrograde Jupiter within five degrees.  This could be beneficial, but it’s not quite there yet.  Transiting Saturn is five degrees shy of reaching Trump’s Moon – South Node conjunction at 20 degrees Sag; that could be hard on the emotions for quite a while.  This could be challenging as a powerful personal lesson to learn or for a great public challenge to meet…who can say yet?  Then on Inauguration Day, Jupiter has passed Trump’s natal Jupiter by five degrees.  Saturn is opposing Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun within one degree; Another Saturn-colored life lesson or a reward received to proceed to “Make America Great Again” …you, the voters will be deciding. 

The Steadfast Work Efforts of Hillary Roddam Clinton
It may seem hard to believe, but despite all of the discussion on President Barack Obama’s birth location and the many years that have gone by since Hillary Clinton was born, there are two potential birth times that have apparently never been cleared up.  According to Astro Databank, the Rodden rating is listed as “DD” for 8:02 AM and 8:00 PM on October 26,1947.  So, we cannot feasibly consider the Ascendant, Midheaven, and house locations.  I can envision Hillary as having either a 29 degree Gemini or 22 degree Scorpio Ascendant however; either one potentially could work as there’s a lot of water, passion, practicality, and multi-level thinking that can enhance mental ingenuity (Gemini) and depth of feeling (Scorpio). 

In any case, Hillary has Sun at 2 degrees Scorpio, Venus and Mercury in mid-Scorpio respectfully, and South Node at 23 degrees Scorpio.  Her Mercury is stationary which adds more power and emphasis on her mental activity, communications, and writing.  Hillary’s Jupiter is at 0 degrees Sagittarius which truly adds a kind of jovial, adventurous, and social side to her personality.  This helps to balance out the strong Scorpio influence whether her ASC is Scorpio or Gemini.  Either way, Hillary’s Moon is found in Pisces, a natural place for having a compassion and willingness to be of service to others which is a documented part of her history.  The North Node is found in Taurus indicating that among her strongest life missions is to solidify things, to make them happen. and to do it with determination. 

Hillary and the USA Sibley Chart, November Election Day, and Inauguration Day 2017

Comparing Hillary’s chart with the British astrologer Sibley’s USA chart of July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 p.m. (with 12 degrees Sagittarius Ascendant) in Philadelphia, Hillary’s Neptune falls on the USA Saturn in the 10th house of profession and leadership.  It also squares the USA Sun.  This could tend to be a bit nebulous, however it could also be capable of bringing light to areas that are unclear and need grounding.  Although she may not be known for change as her trademark, Hillary’s Uranus is conjunct the USA Mars which may indicate a very active transformative influence in the course of her action.  With Hillary’s Saturn in opposition to the USA Moon and her Jupiter square the USA Moon, there could be struggles between the people and Hillary, yet also abundant and potentially fortunate work for the great body of American people. 

On election day evening of November 8, 2016, transiting Jupiter is conjunct Hillary’s Neptune and Saturn is trine Hillary’s Mars and Pluto.  Jupiter and Neptune may be kind of dreamy together yet, the Saturn, Mars, and Pluto mix could be considered friendly, or at least flowing in the sense of hard fought work with active, transformative results.  With Uranus quincunx Mercury (a minor aspect at 150 degrees), there’s likely to be something unexpected and transformative in terms of change and communications around that time.  Viewing the bi-wheel of the Inauguration chart January 20, 2017 @ 12 Noon as a transit to Hillary’s natal planets, Saturn is opposing Hillary’s Uranus which may indicate either blockage to change or bringing stability to change itself.  Transiting Mars is conjunct Hillary’s Moon and is also square Uranus which brings even more action and passion at this time.  Uranus is quincunx Mercury so challenges will be unexpected and anything but boring. 

Since I’m going reserve any judgment about which direction this election will ultimately go, we’ll need to wait and see; however, I think we’re in for a long, wild ride right up into 2017.  It exudes a feeling similar to the Bush-Gore 2000 frustration, but different.  We will have never in the history of the USA seen an election season like this.  Sometimes I wonder if either one of them will end up becoming our new President as it still feels kind of unreal.  


A Final Note of Invitation

Please remember that I will consider submissions of brief segments of relative interest and / or links  for future issues of "Explorative Communications Insight" newsletters, There is an infinite amount of material out there of interest!  Feel free to share this newsletter if you think someone you know may value from it.  To obtain individual reports and arrange for consultations, you're welcome to contact me. Thank you and Autumn Wishes in 2016!

Peace and Inspiration,

Joseph Kaminski 

San Francisco, California
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