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Explorative Communications Insights

Issue #5 - December 11, 2016

Spirit of Winter Solstice Seasonal Greetings to You All

I actually love this time of year even though it often seems especially busy and challenging.  With all of the "material" emphasis these days (I can't help but think of Madonna's "Material Girl"), I can imagine many of you are "tired of sales" by now and want to "sail away".  However, I tend to look at this more spiritual focus as an opportunity for growth, sharing, and relating more to what is happening within.  I hope you are off to a warm and peaceful holiday season.

"Between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, in the spirit of giving and sharing, I've been offering all astrological reports for 1/3 off, 30 minute astrological readings for $25 (a further deduction), and Reiki Healing sessions of 30 minutes for $25.  Readings will be done by telephone or via SKYPE. 

In addition to the new Numerology program that I have which gives a general lifetime view of your numerology, I also have a new "Personal Professional Forecaster" program that displays a view of the entire year ahead such as for 2017 or beyond!  (1/3 off of $38)  It is like a condensed timeline in a way and I really like it.  Let me know if you're interested in any of these and I'll add them to my "Santa's List" that I'm working on! 

For those who may not know me well, I do have a heart..........and I'm never holding a stopwatch when I'm fully into consultations because I want people to get the most out of them.  I'm abiding by my offer made for between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the meantime, despite all of the things that we face personally and as a nation, let's do our best to have an inspiring Winter Solstice and an enjoyable holiday season.  We deserve it.  I'm wishing you all "Joy" that will last through 2017 and beyond........
A Different Kind of Holiday Season

As I once again travel up to Southeastern Washington in the Pacific Northwest, the feeling will be different this time.  As a brief follow up, my father, brother, myself, relatives, and I cleaned out our property so when I go back up for this Christmas, the atmosphere will be a little different.  For part of the time, I’ll be visiting and staying overnight in an empty house with 48 years of memories.  I know it will be eerie, yet am trying to see it as a new experience, a chance to look back, to continue to hear the voices of the past, and to progress forward as part of saying “Goodbye”.  Maybe I am fortunate in seeing this as part of my growth in remembering that door opening 48 years ago for our family and my still being present as the door closes further in December 2016.  I also know that when doors close in our lives, new doors often open…….so it is a special time of unique Solstice seasonal experience and faith. 
The More I Learn 
Shared on Facebook Group Near Death Experience by Ned Matinnia
The more i learn and

the more i see;

the more i know that magic is real;

that we can ask for help;

that we are here to grow;

that there are universal laws

that should be followed

if one wants true


A Post by Amalia de Palacio in the “Near Death Experience” FB Group
In the Near Death Experiences group there are some future things people have seen in their NDEs, and they are not set in stone, but they are an indicator of what's coming and we can always make course corrections.  For example, there was a lot of pretty heavy stuff mentioned, including on the extreme end the (temporary) collapse of society as we know it, and governments struggling to help the people because they don't know how to on such a large scale. And that people helping people is the missing key we need to grow more.

Someone commented "Gosh, this sounds kind of depressing. Isn't there anything good?" And I think there is a lot of good, especially further down the road. People are saying it's just a matter of...in between now and getting to that awesome beautiful future of our dreams, do we want to go the easy way, or the hard way?

Countries vs. countries, people vs. people, ethnic groups, and so on. In all of these cases, we are the ones responsible and who only can do it ourselves. That's why so many say that we're here to learn how to love, even when it is so difficult. And to cooperate, when we'd rather just write off a person or a group as lunatics, imbeciles, and so on, and treat them as unworthy.

We have increasing technology where we can so easily meet all of our needs and them some. With  the increasing automating away of so many jobs, people are going to be struggling to find work. That process has already started. And that a universal basic income and a new thought and paradigm of how we live is the only way forward, especially down the road.
What's the ultimate foundation of reality here? Current society would say, it's to make money and live nicely, even if it means stepping on others and that, if they wanted it badly enough, they would get it too, showing no mercy.  

When you bring in the very real reality that we are spiritual beings here to learn and grow and help each other, as all of the big religions teach at their core, near death experiencer's, and mediums are showing as well.  Display of a cold attitude and hostile way of treating each other, and competing all the time dissolves our positive efforts. One might live this way and find out, down the road that they had kind of missed the mark (which is the original meaning of the word "sin" by the way, not because I’m religious but because it shows that there is real wisdom there). And, one may find out that having lived a more selfish life, it cost them some of what really matters in the end.
Expressions of the Expanded Cosmos by Ned Matinnia

The Universe has always been an interest to me. There was a recent question in the Near Death Experiences group about if people saw other life in their experience. 

There are those who are wondering "how the heck a near death experience relates to other life in the universe / multiverse - contrary to the commonly held belief that NDEs are just hallucinations or what the person expects/believes they'll see beforehand, they are often shown much more than they ever thought or believed, including sometimes being taken on tours of the cosmos."  

And yes, many people have shown that we are by far not alone here.  Additionally, that there are many civilizations and groups that are more advanced than us. Or maybe, just a little more grown up. So they know things we don't, and are wiser in ways that we are (should be, at least) aspiring to. 

That's one thing I find fascinating and think about when looking at the cosmos. For those who still think we've never been visited, I've seen a lot of times where we are visited by beings at higher energy states (so they are not visible to most people, but sometimes animals can see them and intuitives too). As well, if you look up many specific cases, like the Phoenix Lights in March 1997, the incident with Japan Airlines over Alaska in 1987, the Rendlesham Forest incident in the UK, and many others...there's just so much evidence. This is different and stands on its own apart from all the hoaxes and hype and BS out there. It takes a discerning and curious mind to wade through everything and find the truth in the noise. 

Also, if you think about the idea of the NDE as a hallucination, that doesn't explain why so many people who have them become more psychic / intuitive afterwards, even if they never were interested in this or thought it was even real. Those who are already intuitive often become more intuitive. 
Some Thoughts of Positive Visualization by Astrologer Kay Taylor:

I would like to share with you some thoughts shared by Astrologer, Author and Educator Kay Taylor from her recent Thanksgiving newsletter.  Like many Americans, regardless of where one stands, she has faced the challenge of processing the results of the USA November election.  Kay Taylor recognized that although most of her readers did not support Trump, some did, or didn't like either option, or wished they lived on Orion. Kay said “Me too” and honored everyone’s right to believe and to choose. I am sharing directly some of the additional comments Kay made and some ideas she gave to help resolve some of those feelings of unrest that many of us have had:

“There's something about this entire election that brings us face to face with the dark side of power and our fears about everything that is happening on the planet that is painful, polluted, unfair and greed-filled. There was very little in my world view that allowed me to imagine this outcome. Spirit has assured me for decades that we are in a transformational time (which I assume is progressive, spiritual and moving toward equality) and we must maintain heart centered resolve and not be drawn into fear. I still believe this is true. I also know that change often moves forward and backward. Think about your own efforts to control your diet, or to quit a bad habit, and meditate, for example.
The Practicalities: What can we DO?

Be a fierce Love Warrior.
Be kind and compassionate in every moment to everyone. Let's connect in circles and communities, allowing our hearts to win.
Practice your brand of Yoga:  As the election results rolled in my first thought was my mat. In this place of slow steady movement and breath, I am okay. I remember who I really am. You may not like yoga yoga, so how about meditation, walking, breathing, singing, hiking, painting, playing with children? Take very good care of yourself.
Be a fierce Activist Warrior: Pick the causes you care about and fight for them. Volunteer. Give money. Make sure everyone votes in 2018. Change occurs from the bottom up. It might be harder than we imagined it would be but revolutions are never finished in a short time. This one started in the 60's and looked like it had died out, but no, we're still fighting for true equality and the possibility of better life for all.
Think positively and creatively: I know it seems kind of trite, but it's true: thoughts create reality. Fear thoughts create what we are afraid of (so that we can experience it and realize in the end there truly is nothing to be afraid of (except snakes on a plane (-: ). Together we need to think differently Imagine people coming together to effect change in different ways. Envision peace, prosperity and equality for all.
After all, at the core all humans want the same thing. We want love, families/communities/connection, security, the ability to express our talents, to accomplish something. Perhaps all of our basic needs have been thwarted. Perhaps we have a different idea about how to get there personally, or as a nation. But underneath it all, we are all One. In this place of stillness behind the human wants and desires, all is safe and love permeates every breath. Let's not forget that. Perhaps this mantra will take you a little closer. We are so much more than our fears and separation."

An Astrological Summary of our Time and Season

New Year’s Day will be interesting this year with transiting Sun approaching a conjunction with Pluto which has been making its home closely to 16 degrees of Capricorn over the past many months.  It is slowly moving forward and will hit 17 degrees soon.  We enter the New Year of 2017 with Mercury retrograde and Saturn continues to progress through Sagittarius.  Mars is conjunct Neptune in Pisces so the confusion and nebulousness has a special thrust of mysticism and dreaminess.   It will be a good time to keep one’s clarity and avoid any dangerous use of prescription of other drugs.  With Jupiter in Libra in opposition to Uranus in Aries, there may be a general feeling of abundance and joviality in relationships and social activities, but expect the unexpected with this close proximity.  This is not a boring transit that is going on. 

The timing is also interesting since Saturn will be conjunct President Elect Donald Trump’s Moon and opposing his natal Gemini Sun.  It will be challenging except that so far, Donald Trump has had a way of just kind of miraculously breezing through everything whether it is financial, legal, and now even political.  We shall see where things go from here, however politically, from what I observe, we are completely new territory and bizarre trends have been recently set that have no clear guidelines or rules. This strikes me as interesting, yet also a bit risky and potentially destabilizing.  It will be up to people on all levels of government and citizenry to perform their part to participate, advise, provide input, envision, protect the environment that sustains us, promote peace and clear civil rights, and pray or meditate on that which encourages life to survive.

A Final Note of Invitation

Please remember that I will consider submissions of brief segments of relative interest and / or links  for future issues of "Explorative Communications Insight" newsletters, There is an infinite amount of material out there of interest!  Feel free to share this newsletter if you think someone you know may value from it.  To obtain individual reports and arrange for consultations, you're welcome to contact me. I'll be leading meditation on the Winter Solstice.  I wish you all an inspiring and beautiful Solstice and holiday season.....best wishes for a great new year in 2017!

Peace and Inspiration,

Joseph Kaminski 
NCGR-PAA Astrologer
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