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Explorative Communications Insights

Issue #7 - May 1, 2017

The "Heart of Spring" and "Early Summer Greetings" to You

Well, I'm glad to be able to share another newsletter with you.  I know you are probably receiving many so I appreciate your interest.

There are some very positive and practical vibrations in the air, however it's a matter of finding the keys to connecting with and utilizing them.  

Now that we have completed and survived the first 100 days of the new Donald J. Trump Administration in the White House, everything that I personally perceived and predicted is coming true.  My hope is that we still have our freedom and support as they relate to civil rights, our environmental safety, climate change, and the various checkpoints promised to us as spelled out in the Constitution, 3.5 years from now.  

Please note that I'm still in the process of adding my "Explorative Communications Insights Newsletters" into a new sub-domain in my website "www.ExplorativeCommunications.com" website.  Although I built the basic foundation to my website, I don't consider myself a skilled web designer.  While I've managed to add the new "Index" sub-domain,  the "htaccess" file, and images which are in progress, I haven't figured out how to link them in my site so they're viewable.  If you are, or know someone who is skilled in web design, I may be open to temporarily contract for affordable assistance with this free newsletter that I produce.  

Some Thoughts from Eben Alexander, M.D.

These thoughts come from Near Death Experiencer, author, and Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, M.D. via the Near Death Experience Facebook Group that I sincerely enjoy visiting.  It is coordinated by the dedicated Ned Mattinia.  

"When we ascend, in short, everything's still there. Only it's more real. Less dense, yet at the same time more intense -- more *there*. The objects and landscapes and people and animals burst with life and color. The world above is vast and various and populated and as different in one place than in another as this one is, and infinitely more so.

But in all this vast variety there is not that sense of *otherness* that characterizes this world, where one thing is itself alone and has nothing directly to do with the other things around it. Nothing is isolated there. Nothing is alienated. Nothing is disconnected. Everything is *one*, without that oneness in any way suggesting homogeneity: that is, being all mashed together. The writer C.S. Lewis put this wonderfully when he pointed out that the oneness of God should not conjure up in our minds some big, bland tapioca pudding. It's not that kind of oneness. 

To see this world for but one moment is to have your heart broken with the sudden inrushing memory of its reality. But it is also to have your heart healed, because you remember where you're from, what you are, and where you're going again, someday. You've glimpsed the world outside the cave, and all has changed, forever." 

Eben Alexander in Map of Heaven 

Saturn's Influence on Trump - "Interesting Times"
by James Kelleher – Jyotish Newsletter
My thanks goes out to Astrologer James Kelleher for allowing me to share this article that he wrote in his April 2017 Jyotish newsletter.  

You can say whatever you want about our new president, Donald Trump, but one thing you can't say about him is that he is boring.  His first few months in office have been a mirror image of his life so far, up and down like a roller coaster.  First, when Jupiter was in an exact degree-wise aspect to his natal Sun, an aspect that frequently gives employment opportunities, he defied all odds and became president of the United States.  Yet, with a simultaneous exact opposition to his natal Sun from transiting Saturn, a very negative aspect, he has also experienced obstruction after obstruction.

The transiting Saturn opposition to his natal Sun is something that Trump is familiar with. He experienced it in 1958, at the age of  twelve, when his wild and rough behavior resulted in being shut down by his father, who made the decision, at that time, to send  him to military school the next year. 

It takes Saturn 30 years to travel around the zodiac completely, so the Saturn/Sun opposition repeated itself in 1987 when he was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission and fined $750,000 for illegal investment practices.  Shortly after that, he was also investigated for laundering money for the New York mob. In short, the  period preceding this  aspect has twice been associated with behaviors where he broke rules and even laws, resulting in stiff resistance, symbolized by the opposition of transiting Saturn and his natal Sun. 

In 2017,  transiting Saturn has come to be in the opposite sign from his natal Sun.  This occurred at the time of the election, as mentioned previously, producing an array of resistance, such as the marches and protests in Washington DC,  cancellations by entertainers slated to perform, and the small numbers of people attending his inauguration.  All of this took place at the time when Saturn was in an exact opposition to his natal Sun.  It was followed by stiff resistance by federal judges to his immigration policies, as well as resistance by congress to his  health care aspirations. 

But this opposition was only the first of three exact Saturn/Sun oppositions that will take place this year. The next is slated to take place on June 23rd, and the final one will be on October 24th. The dates themselves are not necessarily so important, but rather, a period for 21 days on either  side of those dates can be watched for significant obstructive events.  
It is hard to imagine how Trump could have even more drama in store for us, but it is easy to imagine that he could meet with more resistance.  In the light of the wild roll out of the  Trump administration, it seems likely that the influences that take place in the June/July  and the October/November periods will bring further challenges and  obstructions to our new president, as well as further drama in the media.  The Chinese blessing says, "May you live in interesting times."  By that standard, Trump seems to be blessing us over and over and over again!


The Positive Sides and Hidden Benefits of Mercury Retrogrades
However, Mercury's retrograde period is a great time for refining and perfecting projects that have already started, and it is great for editing, fixing, or improving anything that is connected with language, information, and business.  Mercury continues in retrograde motion until May 4th, so continue to review, re-think, re-do, and renew, and be patient with mistakes and mix-ups.  There may even be a few in this newsletter (oh, shucks, heaven forbid).

Mercury is probably most commonly known as the planet that goes retrograde about three times per year (4 times this year).  It has developed a kind of negative reputation but as time goes on, I see it as equally positive as well as seeing the negative sides.  It's how we navigate it.

In this current Mercury retrograde of April 9th into early May, there have been multiple events that clued me in to the fact we’ve been in a Mercury retrograde.  In my workplace, my supervisor was copying and pasting some very old files and they completely disappeared.  I have a friend / associate in the journalistic field who lost about ½ of her files for unknown causes.   I asked a supervisor about the signing of a document that was sent in late February and my question of where the final copy was placed allowed us to find out it had never been signed.  I had difficulty downloading material from the Google Drive website containing our NCGR contract edits.  The list goes on………

The more I experience Mercury retrogrades, the more I observe these notes:

     Reading, studying, planning, writing, organizing, and preparing are all very beneficial;

     Avoid signing major contracts because putting your signature on the dotted line can be potentially problematic;

     Be careful working with your hands, especially with mechanical, electrical, or using sharp knives for cutting food if you’re not used to doing this regularly;

     It’s probably not the best thing to cut your child’s or a friends hair for the first time if you’ve never done that before...it could result in an embarrassing experiment;

     Be aware that communication may be presented in different and unexpected forms that may allow for miscommunication or correspondence that may be delayed or forgotten;

     Mental thinking may be a little more confusing than usual.  Work toward clarity and try to avoid rushing things.  Those people who are more susceptible to having a lack of clear thinking or have natal Mercury - Neptune aspects, will be more prone to some fogginess during these times. 

     Try to remain centered, meditate, get your food, sleep, and exercise.  Work toward being mentally grounded.  And, Best Wishes……….. 😊

My JFK Personal Corner
Hello and welcome to my JFK “Personal Corner”. 

You've heard the "old saying" of "It's my Party and I can do what I Want", right?  So, this is my own personal corner to share as part of my newsletter.....and I thank you for reading it.  

Life is a constantly changing, challenging, growing, and evolving experience and we are never exactly the same even if our core personalities are basic and solid as a constant.  I’ve had a feeling for many months prior to 2017 that this would be a very transformative year. 

My surgery was conveyed as having been successful and I have been recovering even though there has been what I’d consider to a be a minor complication that tends to affect a small minority of people.  Without elaborating, it’s been rather “Plutonian” in nature and I suspected that as a possibility since Pluto was passing my 6th house Saturn-Neptune conjunction in the horary astrology chart around that time. 

Personally, I’m looking at the probability of retirement within about two years which would be May 2019.  My brother and I are dealing with the declining health of my father who learned he has cancer that has spread into his bones.  His diagnosis discovery was learned on April 4, 2017…..this has probably been building for the past 1 ½ years.  We are also beginning to do more and more coordination of our family estate in Southeastern Washington.  It’s difficult to close doors and say “Goodbye” to beautiful property, symbolic when one knows that only memories remain.  I know that many of you have been there and it is a part of human life.  

(Continued in the Column to the Right......................)

"The Heart of Spring"

Imagining Living Life on Earth in Ways that Feel Heavenly

This section is compliments of Ned Matinnia, Near Death Experience Facebook Coordinator:

"The peace that passes all Understanding" 

I've heard some Near Death Experiencers mention that this feeling is what they feel when they leave their physical bodies and enter another realm. Wrapped in Love...but much more than that. 

I don't have experience with this myself directly (at least that I currently consciously recall), but I have felt at times, like during fasts, or when my body is getting clean, and clear, with stronger electrical impulses and a balanced nervous system....I have felt, and have been feeling this evening....something that I feel at least kind of approaches or heads in the direction of this sentiment. 

It's like....you are so enraptured with life. Underneath the surface of it. Under the mundane. The traffic noise or the automatic pilot/responses we tell each other in our daily world. 

It's maybe like, diving down a little bit. Underneath that. And becoming aware that there's actually much more depth here than was apparent all along. And that, in this warm depth, it's very serene, and calm, and quiet.....And safe.  And you can linger here and observe what's going on on the surface, but you're rooted in this comforting aliveness. Very stable and present. Very...high. 

Where someone could be mean or shouting at you. Or you could be in the worst traffic. And you are in bliss. Just peace. Just a sense that things are wonderful. And beautiful. 

I've also been reading and listening to Anthony William, the Medical Medium. And have been learning so much. Like about the herb Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis). And the many healing properties it has. Not just antiviral, antibacterial, but also healing to the nervous system. Healing applies to so much. 

These herbs, this nature, this peace. The shamans of the native cultures for so long have known about these. I really feel, like many near death experiencers have said, that we are not meant to suffer here. We can really make this heaven on Earth. Or at least, the closest we can with what we've got here. 

Dannion Brinkley, who I shared the film about recently, said, to describe his feeling of returning Home (having been a complete atheist and not mad at God for how he viewed life before he was struck by lightning), often describes it like this: "Imagine you are seven years old. And you are going to your favorite grandparent's house. It's Christmas Eve. And everyone you love and appreciate is there at the house. Everything you wanted and are excited for is there for you. And you are ecstatic in joy." 

Even this is just a pale Earthly way to describe it. Multiply that by thousands or millions. It’s about the peace that passes all understanding. 

Astrological Keys of our Current Time

What better time to share a photo displaying the constellation Taurus that during the merry month of early May along with the celebration of life and Beltane.  It also feels like the perfect time to be writing this since Mars has been passing my Ascendant (Rising Sign / Ascendant Angle) in Gemini, the sign of communications and writing. 

As the Sun has moved forward into tropical Taurus, we’ve experienced a Taurus New Moon, the heart of the spring has dawned, and we are in a position to use practical methods to fulfill our plans and ideals.  The New Moon in Taurus emphasizes the qualities of groundedness, spring cleaning, gardening and cooking, building and construction, physical security, financial planning, and more.  New ideals and fulfillment of wishes in a practical way could reach manifestation now if you apply them realistically.

This is expanded with the positions of some other planets as well.  With Mercury and Uranus in a tight conjunction, and trine Saturn, new and innovative spring ideas are blossoming and may easily be enacted given the Taurus Sun time period we’re in.  As Mercury is moving slowly for now before going stationary-direct May 3rd, this spontaneous and innovative combination of thought and ideas can be enlightening.  In fact, the presence of this innovative combination will be in play until around mid-May.  If there are problems that you are trying to solve be open to receiving flashes of sudden, creative, and unexpected solutions.  The positive conditions around May 3rd are increased even more with the nice, flowing grand trine in process with Moon in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries. That's a lot of fire and initiative.  

Pluto stationed retrograde on Thursday, April 20th and this symbolizes a reversal of direction until near the end of September 2017.  With transformation, empowerment, research and issues of much depth being brought to the forefront, there is a call for deep analysis which can take place on a personal, professional, and national level.  Our institutions are being challenged for a series of reviews and even our U.S.A. Constitution is being spotlighted in terms of the President criticizing the judicial branch and the national media.  This is testing the strength of our national structure on a very deep level. 

Venus re-entered Aries energizing new fire and vitality into matters of social and artistic adventure, pioneering with new and creative projects, and being a little more daring romantically.  This energy is ambling along through the 6th of June when Venus enters Taurus, providing a little more interest in stability and security in terms of romance and personal relationships.  It also brings its own type of artistic flair, something that I associate more as ceramic building and shaping as opposed to the more refined Libran beauty.  The Friday, May 5th Sun, Moon, and Pluto trine can be very productive and could represent the completion of something special (Oh, what a nice birthday present for me)!

The planet Saturn has been stationing  and then retrograde on that extremely important galactic center degree of 27 Sagittarius.  It's now regressing further back into Sagittarius.  It will not go forward again until November 25, 2017.  It’s a good time to plan and work on issues of long range travel, spirituality, savings and investments, and exploring new and valuable pathways.  Keep watch on the opportunities to make dreams real before this planet moves forward into the leaner and stricter Capricorn on December 19, 2017.  That will be its new home for the next 2.5 years.  In the last transit through Capricorn in the 1980s, there were many governmental and international changes that affected all of us. 

Jupiter will be going direct on June 9th at 13 degrees Libra which will be a good time to pick back up on plans made involving diplomacy, relationships, artistic projects, and social matters of interest.  Jupiter has a reputation of being lucky and fortunate, but remember, it expands everything so for Libran types of goals and aims, the time is really this spring, summer, and early autumn.

In summary, let’s go with the flow and listen to our inner voices and do what feels most appropriate for any given time. 
It feels like the perfect time to be writing this since Mars has currently been on my Ascendant (Rising Sign Angle) in Gemini, the sign of communications and writing. 

My JFK Personal Corner, (Continued)

In all honesty, I have not even taken time to probe this in great depth astrologically, yet probably around my upcoming solar return, I'll explore it.  It is the combination of the natal chart, the various transits (including major and minor aspects), the solar return, the progressed chart, the solar arc directed, the asteroids, the fixed stars, and those miscellaneous factors that all have an influence.  At the core of this is ourselves, our overall life mission and various goals we have to bring us ever closer. 

I’m looking forward to my birthday and probably always will no matter how old I become.  Age is seen as a major factor in our earthly life, but when it comes to the overall spiritual picture, it seems like such a minor thing, a cog in the big picture of consciousness.  There is something constant about our spirits.  Life continues to move on and we continue to weave this colorful artistic picture that reflects as our own creation in life. 

A Final Note of Invitation

Please remember that I will consider submissions of brief segments of relative interest and / or links  for future issues of "Explorative Communications Insights" newsletters, There is an infinite amount of material out there of interest!  Feel free to share this if you think someone you know may value from it.  To obtain individual reports and arrange for consultations, you're welcome to contact me. I'd like to wish you all a wonderful remainder "Heart of the Spring" 2017 and may your experience be glorious.  And then may your summer be warm and memorable.  Between the recent eclipse and some of the current transits, this is a time of rebirth on various levels.  Feel free to be in contact and may the "Fortunate Stars" be with You..........

Peace and Inspiration,

Joseph Kaminski 
NCGR-PAA Astrologer
Certified Reiki Healer /
Commissioned Spiritualist Healer
Explorative Communications

San Francisco, California
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