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Explorative Communications Insights

Issue #8 - October 1, 2019

A "Rebirth of our Explorative Communications Insights Newsletters" and "Early Autumn Greetings" to You!

There is always something interesting about creating a new beginning during the early part of the fall season when "parts of life are dying to be reborn again".  

I've been through a lot since my last Exp. Com. newsletter that I sent out May 1, 2017.  I nearly lost my life to a totally unexpected cardiac arrest on the afternoon of Saturday, May 27, 2017 @ 3:35 PM PDT.  I was running in Sutro Park with the intention of running back when I collapsed while overlooking the ocean on that mild spring afternoon.  Fortunately, there were many people in the park at the time and with the CPR, the paramedic response, and hospitalization followed by various treatments, I survived.  I'm still considering the astrological indications relating to my natal chart at that time and the associations haven't quite surfaced.  After substantial rest and recovery, I returned to my full-time work. I'm not aware of crossing over however I had one very interesting synchronitial experience with my soulmate Karlene.  I'd be open to elaborating on that more.

On September 13, 2017, my father passed away and my brother and I became extensively involved in memorial administration and plans.  This brought family, relatives, and friends together and I was able to write and share a summary of his life and what he meant to me, our family, and the community.

Following this, my brother and I embarked on selling our family home which kept us busy communicating and negotiating for several months until we reluctantly sold our family home of nearly 50 years on May 8, 2018.  It was a sad day but part of the many life changes underway in life.  My extended family and friends have many rich and deep memories we shared just east of Walla Walla, Washington.

In September 2018, that same year, I embarked on a new adventure of buying my own home on a piece of property in Southwest Port Angeles, Washington.  On a recent vacation one year later in September 2019, I was able to visit my new property and our former family property.  Although I will miss things about San Francisco, I'm looking forward to living on the northern Olympic Peninsula of Western Washington.  It will be kind of like coming back home. 

In yet another major life change is that , I've retired from my full time work at a medical center for the past 27 years.  I supported medical research administration at the facility for the past 11.5 years.  This is allowing me to take time to take classes, continue my volunteer work, focus on my small business, travel, read, do my creative arts, and rest.  I have been just as busy since I retired but it is opening some new doors to enjoy a greater experience of life.


An Astrological View of Current Times

I probably do not need to convince you that we are living in some very unusual and challenging times personally, professional, and politically. It won't be long before Mercury enters Scorpio and Mars enters Libra.  There is naturally a strong emphasis on personal and professional relationships with Venus in Libra along with the Sun, Mercury,  and Mars.  When Mercury moves into Scorpio, we'll feel a tendency toward deeper and more intense thinking, analysis, and research.  As we head into mid-late October and additional planets begin moving into Scorpio, there'll be an increased emphasis on withdrawing within.  This correlates with the change of season with  increasing darkness and the gradual march toward the Winter Solstice in December. 

Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius until  December 5th.  Wherever this falls in your birth chart, take advantage of the abundance of whatever gifts this brings you.  Many of us find it easy for Jupiter to be overlooked, quiet, or invisible so it seems that even with this "lucky" planet, we need to provide the work needed to set up the conditions to make things happen.  What I find is that Jupiter expands everything in abundance, positively, negatively, or even both. Jupiter has a way of bringing that to us.   

Now with Uranus retrograde in early Taurus, there is much general focus on change, unexpected occurrences, and the potential for brilliance in areas involving finance, agriculture and tangible goods. Changes may occur suddenly, be ushered into the scene, and then disappear as quickly as they entered.  I really think Uranus in Taurus is going to be an incredibly interesting time, but good old-fashioned common sense and logic will need to be used sensibly. Where is Uranus in your birth chart? 

With Neptune in Pisces, we'll continue to see greater emphasis on some very emotional, nebulous, and invisible types of things.  The opioid epidemic, teen and veteran suicide, unusual hard-to-diagnose outbreaks, and difficult to trace activity in our government / administration will continue to be illusive. On the positive side, spirituality and science will gradually come closer to being bridged over the coming years.  This comes through when surgical operating staff see tangible evidence of spirit visitation on the "other side".  There is much more coming....."be observant and stay tuned".    

Website Newsletter Plans and Classes in Website and Blog Development

I'm once again I want to explore how to launch adding my "Explorative Communications Insights Newsletters" into a new sub-domain within my  "www.ExplorativeCommunications.com" website.  Different parts of my small business are included on my website but my newsletters are not yet available there. 

I'm going to be taking a class beginning in October 2019 on "Building Individual Websites and Blogs" which will be valuable for my relatively non-Geeky mind.  I am looking forward to being able to add the new "Index" sub-domain, the "htaccess" file, and images to link to my site so they're viewable.  Slow progress is being made and life often takes patience.  Recommendations are also welcome.


An Overview of the USA and Current Astrological Trends

As in the photo above taken while traveling through the Black Hills of South Dakota, life in USA politics has its ups and downs in its own evolution just as people and other entities do.  There are several factors highlighting money and our national values.  If we look at the often-utilized USA Sibley chart using July 4, 1776 5:14 PM in Philadelphia, PA, the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury fall in the 10th house in Libra at the time of this summary.  The 10th house  places a tremendous amount of emphasis on the nation's leadership, its public image, that which is publicly viewable, and its visible public reputation. 

There's a lot of emphasis on finances as well.  Pluto is in the early stages of progressing through the USA 2nd house of money and values.  Due to the current presidency including questions about integrity, the future economy, in-depth discussion and research being done about the ethics and legality of certain actions taken by Donald Trump, there are untested questions about what one person, this president can perform without violating the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the U.S.  The USA is heading toward its Pluto return in the 2nd house of the Sibley chart. Recently Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn has also  been in opposition to the USA Cancer Sun stressing our 7th house foreign affairs area by bringing serious differences of opinion about dealing with other countries and international enemies. Now, the question of how much power the Executive branch should have to seek information about opposing candidates has arisen.  This is a question we have never faced with any other American president.  In fact, who would have thought that the "Whistleblower" on this would be accused of "treason" and would actually face threats within the USA?!? 

Meanwhile as Neptune continues to transit through the USA 3rd house of communications including writing, articles, and media, no one knows exactly what to believe and there are many "unknowns".  The major aspect that so many astrologers are anticipating in the future is the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction beginning around mid-January 2020. This is likely to be a monumental and pivotal time period with the spotlight shining brightly on finances and values within the USA and its future.   We shall see.



The Continual Cycles of Astrology

One of the things that fascinates me the most is the cycles with which astrology occurs.  There are the faster planets including the Moon which orbits the planet Earth approximately once every 30+ days.  There are the medium-distant planets that are able to make several cycles of orbit around the Sun during our lifetimes including Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  And then there are the Outer planets that may not even make a complete cycle around the Sun and the zodiac signs that we track in our lifetime including Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. 

A significant point to note related to cycles is what makes astrology very interesting when it comes to affecting people, organizations, and nations.  It's very basic yet it becomes equally very complex in a hurry.  When planets pass through various astrological signs, houses, and make aspects to natal planets all at various dates and times, it makes for a very interesting mix of conditions.  As if it is drawing low, medium, and high levels of biorhythmic energy, motivation, social - love, financial skill, and health over the short and long term, each of our natal charts are being affected.  This is a factor that makes astrology so complex and potentially confusing.  This is also one of the primary factors that cause many people to want to keep their distance from astrology....it's Not a "black and white science". 

Another significant factor is that astrology has a reputation of being used as a form of entertainment paralleling "Hollywood" fun and games that are known especially well through the "Daily Horoscopes" that we are used to reading in the newspaper or in other publications.  Yes, there is an element of truth and value available through daily horoscopes but they will naturally be more general.  I personally enjoy looking at the complexity of individual birth charts and the various transits and trends that take place from day to day, week to week, month to month, and year to year.  These different cycles all contain value, may intersect in some cases, and have impact with their own degree of intensity and in their own unique ways. This is one reason why astrology is so infinite and sometimes unquantifiable. 

The tightness of the orb of the conjunction, square, opposition, sextile, or trine, the planets being affected, and nature of the natal chart are all factors as to how the individual or nation will be affected.  That's why when people have many major aspects at once, especially associated with certain natal planets and placements, there can be numerous major life changes all within a notable period of time.  We've either experienced this ourselves or known of people who were hit with a string of life events happening almost rhythmically time after time.  These may include what we perceive as negative and positive events. Hence, cycles are among the factors that make astrology a very interesting field.  

A Final Note of Invitation

Please remember that I will consider submissions of brief segments of relative interest and / or links  for future issues of "Explorative Communications Insights" newsletters, There is an infinite amount of material out there of interest!  Feel free to share this if you think someone you know may value from it.  To obtain individual reports and arrange for consultations, you're welcome to contact me. I'd like to wish you all a beautiful and inspiring autumn season during 2019 and may your experience be positive.  Feel free to be in contact and may the "Fortunate Stars" shine on You.....

Peace and Inspiration,

Joseph Kaminski 
NCGR-PAA Level III Astrologer
Certified Reiki Healer /
Commissioned Spiritualist Healer
Explorative Communications

San Francisco, California
E-mail: unammuth_jfk@sbcglobal.net