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Exploring the Energies of Communication


Greetings! Welcome to my website "Explorative Communications". To me, life is about communication on many levels. Energy is a form of communication which comes through internally, externally, visibly, and invisibly. It circulates through humans, animals, plants, and all that exists. All life carries matter, energy, vibration, and history. We may not see the energy of planets and stars but it exists. Healing is a beautiful form of energy. Considering our universe, there is a lot of space composed of what we call dark matter. We visibly see a lot but life is like a major iceberg. Just as there is physical space that we cannot see or fathom, there is also an incredible amount of mental and spiritual knowledge including life, physics, consciousness, and faith within our universe that we do not yet see or understand;  however it is still very real and does exist. Our universe is infinite and the more we learn, the more we realize there is to learn. Explorative Communications represents the synthesis of a variety of communication-related skills, energies, and experiences. Through my education in Broadcast Communication, astrological studies, and training in additional holistic personal development, I've been drawn to these unique areas to aid in personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution. My goals involve encouraging creativity, inspiration, progress, and productivity in all of these areas. Freely click on the webpage links to access each area of my site. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you have questions and are interested in any of these areas. I'm willing to share my ideas on individual astrological conditions by sharing report information and offering consultations. Thank you for your time in viewing my site.

Modern astrology has evolved over the years and new planetoids and asteroids are being discovered. Are there new types of life, microbes, and cell types to be discovered beyond planet Earth and our solar system? There are different astrological systems. One is a tropical zodiac based on the planetary signs. Another is based on the sky constellations. Precession represents the primary difference between two of the different primary astrological systems. The tropical zodiac includes the 12 signs divided globally by 30 degrees beginning with 0 degrees at the longitude of Greenwich, England. There is much material available on these areas. I primarily use the Western Tropical system of astrology with Placidus Houses but occasionally vary my selections.  The potential influences in all of our astrological charts continue to grow and evolve.

Our natal astrological charts are much deeper than "what sign are you?" Feel free to contact me if you have any areas of interest that you'd like to explore. There are many astrological programs including personality analysis, astrological transits, progressions, solar return interpretation, relationship analysis, professional avenues, and spiritual approaches to life. We all have life purposes and missions to fulfill. JFK


Symbolic Associations

Subject Area of Service  Goals and Objectives  Symbol 
Astrological Communications   View and Interpret Life Experiences through an Array of Astrological Options  "As Above, So Below".......We are all part of the same Molecules of Time and Space.
Writing and Editing   Organizing Ideas and Thoughts in a Variety of Mediums  From Letters, to Resumes, to Dream Journals, it's all Communication of Ideas.
Reiki Healing   Healing / Energizing / Balancing / Nurturing through Touch  "Laying on of Hands"
Voice Mail Production   Communicating Moods through Theatrical Style and Personality  Make someone's Day through the art of Voice Communication

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