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Astrological Communications

I have been interested in astrology since the late 1960s and have been a National Council on Geocosmic Research Level III practitioner since 2010. There are major influences currently focusing on Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn during 2020. We are seeing a slow and gradual test and destruction of some major administrative, governmental, and world structures. This is not an easy time. Back and forth between Capricorn and Aquarius, Saturn relates to responsibility, hard work, building, and lesson learning. Pluto is about deep transformation, fears, and also relates to viruses. Because Pluto is coming closer to the USA natal Pluto, we are seeing the beginnings of a Pluto Return in the 2nd house of money and values. What are our current values in terms of financial solidity, stability, honesty, ethics, and integrity? In addition, how closely aligned are we with the U.S. Constitution? Are we still considering this document valid and are we holding the USA President to conduct leadership in accordance with our basic laws anymore? Very basic questions are being addressed. We will continue to see major challenges in terms of the environment, climate change, USA Presidential Administration ethics, and financial basics that we have been living by in this nation. The Coronavirus-COVID-19 which we are seeing globally is bringing a long-term transformation and many basic hurdles. Truths will be revealed over time. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to learn more or to schedule a consultation to discuss astrological impacts and how they're affecting you.


This product is the most basic astrological chart analysis exploring the root personality of you as an individual. Coming from the Solar Fire 9.017 program distributed by Astrolabe Inc., this provides you with a preliminary understanding of how astrology works. After all of our societal influence, it takes effort to get beyond "what sign are you?" as a full description. This program is recommended to gain a greater understanding of the nature and art of astrology as it applies to us personally. It comes with a full series of reflective reports, analytical descriptions of planetary locations in signs and houses along with the various aspects, and a 9-page basic astrological educational section authored by me. The 30+ page astrological analysis allows you to see yourself from a more objective spectrum of personality and somehow things "fit". To pull it together, a "Custom Summary" is personally written and edited by me with information coming from a variety of published sources merged with my own intuition. The summary synthesizes the most essential information and pulls it into a unified whole with a complete, meaningful, and valuable picture. An optional reduced price consultation is also available with each purchase. All Astrological Analyses and Reports Require:

  1. Name as you want it to appear

  2. Location by City/State/Nation

  3. Date of Birth--Month / Day / Year

  4. Time of Birth (Birth Certificate or Reliable Source i.e. Parent/Relative/Doctor/Hospital)

Please allow at least three (3) weeks for custom processing since each Basic or Advanced Analysis takes from 4 - 7.5 hrs. to research, write/edit, process, print, and mail the full (Basic or Advanced) packet as this focuses on You. I want to provide you with the most accurate and complete information possible.  There also may be additional orders in process. For payment, a check may be sent made out to "Joseph F. Kaminski"; Or PayPal is a common payment method used referring to the email listed on this website. Thank you for your patience. 

* Basic Astrological Analysis: $135 - Natal & Various Astrological Charts, Reports, and fully Researched Astrological Analysis and Educational Section;  

* Advanced Natal Astrological Analysis with In-depth Custom Summary written by me, Joseph Kaminski to combine it all together in my astrological view.  This also includes the Natal & Various
   Astrological charts, Reports, a fully Researched Astrological Analysis, and Educational Section: $180

* Current Astrological Consultation including Personal Astrological Research on Your Natal Chart and / or Current Astrological trends and Concerns - (Approximate Time - 75 Minutes / as needed); Consultations associated with the purchase of a full Astrological Analysis (Basic or Advanced) will be given for 1/2 price.  General Consultation Price Alone: $135



This product explores your future according to the planetary transit movements in relation to your own personal birth chart. Originating from Kepler, Inc. based in Florida, this program incorporates several techniques commonly used by astrologers. Transits which vary in intensity and influence according to their duration are used to compare the locations of the planets now with their location at your birth. We are constantly experiencing planetary influence by transit. Progressions measure the natural motions of planets against the zodiac during life according to an equation of one year in your life equals one day in the movement of your birth chart planets in an ephemeris. Solar Arc Directions involve adding the same arc of movement of the Sun to each and every planet to that planet at any particular time in life. The report also lists sign ingresses, eclipses, and generates a distinctive "Timeline" data graph. ($38 Stand Alone - 6 Months; $34 when purchased w/SkyLog and sent via Internet)


The complete "SKYLOG" report covers transit and progression aspects and can run between 50 and 100 pages for a year period. Steven Forrest captures what is happening in your current sphere of life activity in several parts, the "Introduction, The Means, and The Details." While Timeline focuses highly on basic details of the transits, SkyLog goes into extensive description about your transits and what they symbolize. With his very unique, entertaining and story-telling style, Mr. Forrest really has a way of giving you a perspective of the large picture. (Three (3) or six (6) month reports are also available if a shorter report is needed). ($38 Stand Alone - 6 Months; $34 when purchased with Timeline and sent via Internet)


What will it take to get you to "leap out of bed" each morning and propel you to want to surround yourself with your life’s work and activity. "Opportunities" can help you find it. It’s out there waiting for you. "Opportunities" opens the door to an understanding of your natural talents and how you may best direct them. You may discover you have more options than you might have imagined. Sections of the report focus on your Ascendant as a basic indicator of interaction, your personal creative touch, and your psychological strengths. Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are viewed as vocational indicators which include your career success, the best environment for you, financial considerations, and self-esteem. Your career or mission in life is also considered as you view your relative purpose in life from an astrological perspective. It is written by Stephanie Clement, Ph.D., Psychologist, professional Astrologer and author of Consciousness and the Midheaven.*($18)


Just as "Opportunities" explores the professional and personal contributory function through skills on this planet, "The Sky Within" explores the spiritual profile of the individual. It is like a basic map of personal direction, destiny, inner expression, and fulfillment of the inner being. It is one additional dimension to explore in reviewig an astrological profile. The writer, Steven Forrest has a deeply spiritual sense of how life and the elements work. This is clearly reflected in everything he writes. The reader of his reports will be charmed, encouraged, and enlightened in a more positive and optimistic way about their life and spiritual awareness. *($18)


Have you ever noticed how you experience different feelings, moods and sensations as you travel from one area to another in your region and country? Have you felt really good or "at home" in some area but "heavy" in others? 50 miles may not make much difference, but 200 miles east or west of where you are could have a significant bearing on energy, health, professional, personal, relationship, psychological, financial, and communication-oriented influences. The program "Astrocartography Explained" was produced by Jim Lewis. Through it, you can compare personal conditions at your birth place with other areas of interest on the planet Earth.  Are you comfortable where you are living?  Or, do you have a special attraction to certain areas and imagine what types of vibrations may exist for you there?  Visit and live in areas that feel most conducive to the type of life experience that feels most appropriate for you during any period of your life. Some influences are with us all of our lives while others are temporary.  What you are seeking at this time and where are the best places to assist you in reaching your short and long-term goals? *($14 / Location; $20 if adding “Horizons” / Location)


Your basic birth chart is key to every day, month and year of your entire life. However, each year, you experience a new and unique cycle that colors your current experiences with its own set of planetary influences. Written by Ray Merriman, Solar Return highlights specific themes and life issues for any given year of your life. It also forecasts significant dates based on innovative prediction methods outlined in Merriman's book. What is positioned in each sign and house is very important in a Solar Return. We also look at the number of planets in the angular, succedent, and cadent houses. Higher angular presence indicates a year of greater tendency toward "action". How your solar return intersects with your birth chart is also significant. It is another open doorway into the ever-revealing art of astrology. *($40)


Professional Forecaster is a computer-generated astrological report that lists and interprets transits. A transit occurs each time that the Sun, Moon or one of the planets in our solar system forms an alignment with another. The calculations produced by Professional Forecaster are extremely precise and state-of-the-art. Transits are formed when two planets align according to specific geometric rules. Alignments of planets that are 0, 60, 90, 120, and 180 degrees apart are important and produce noticeable effects. Other geometric degree separations may also be very influential. The interpretations offered in Professional Forecaster are based on years of close observations. Effects can vary widely based on your chart and personality. There are many ways to make Professional Forecaster useful including planning your schedule and selecting optimal times for business or pleasure. ($48 - 1 Year; $28 - 6 Months)


Part of the intrigue and value of astrology is bringing astrological charts together into unity for two people in a personal, business, family or other type of relationship. You understand your own astrological chart. Comparing another chart with your own utilizes "Synastry". Merging your birth chart with another creates a "composite" chart. This becomes very interesting because a new "person" has just been created! Joan Negus created this incredible program which guides people through their own relationships that they create. A warm and wise counselor, Joan is the author of "Interpreting Composite and Relationship Charts". These reports are especially designed for people who would like to seriously grow and evolve in their relationship and explore about 70 pages of material. ($62)


This astrological program is designed to explore one's natural sexuality and reveal ideas about ways they can most greatly enjoy expressing their full nature. These descriptions are direct and to the point and are not shy or fearful about bringing out the more creative, kinky, and sexually provocative needs for expression. This is notably a great program for individuals or couples exploring or confirming their sexuality, probing ways to carry out new ideas, to share their fantasies, and to discover new sexual dimensions of themselves. Not for the "faint of organs".....a new tool to enjoy! ($18)


This more advanced astrological program written by Stephen Erlewine, "Midpoint Keys" will add greater detail and accuracy to your basic analysis making interpretations more descriptive, active, and interesting. Sometimes it's difficult to relate certain occurrences to specific planetary pairs through transits and progressions. Aspects may also relate to their planetary midpoint locations. It helps to sort the way through all kinds of possibilities and give several levels of interpretation in areas such as emotional, spiritual, physical, health, and evolution. Any combination of planets may be used to help shed light. This astrological interpretation involves a lot of analysis and complexity and is recommended for more advanced study. *($38)

Consultation Fee: ($110 / Session— up to 1.5 Hr.); mailto:unammuth_jfk@sbcglobal.net

*(Mailed Packages include a Mailing / Handling / Supplies Fee)


Have you ever thought about what happens when we die? Are our minds and brains separate from a spiritual consciousness that we all possess? Since our spirits are part of us, are you open-minded to the possibility that our spirit lives on? I was grateful to be able to give a presentation on "Near Death Experience, Spiritualism, and Astrology" on November 10, 2015 at Fort Mason Marina in San Francisco, California. I continue to research this area and learn more about various people's NDEs. As we listening to their experiences, we realize how varied and diverse these NDEs are. Every single one is unique. We looked at the planet Neptune, the origin of Modern Spiritualism and it's astrological natal and return charts, passionate descriptions of some personal NDEs, and went on a journey into life, life after life, and back. What are the definitions of mind and spirit? Is the brain a separate entity from the spirit within or that personality which represents our consciousness?

On May 27, 2017, I had what may be described as my own form of a Near Death Experience as I suffered a totally unexpected cardiac arrest while running in a park between my home and the Pacific Ocean, an activity I've performed occasionally for over 48 years. Although I'm not aware of crossing over, I became unconscious and appear to have done some astral traveling. I had a very unusual encounter with my friend and soulmate in SE Washington during my time of unconsciousness. To bring it into the present, we are in very interesting times on a spiritual level as many people pass from the Coronavirus. Even science is being transformed as we currently know and understand it.

Astrology is really only a small part of the whole picture as we consider the entire universe, but you may find considering some astrological charts of those who have had NDEs interesting. You may enjoy visiting the National Council on Geocosmic Research where the San Francisco Chapter and others offer many interesting astrological presentations. The website for SF: http://www.ncgrsanfrancisco.org